Shayari Networks: Zindagi ki raah mein

Shayari Networks: Zindagi ki raah mein.

Shayari Networks: Ishq

Shayari Networks:        ISHQ-E-MOHABBAT.


Zindagi ki toofanon mein ek dagmagati si kashti hai meri
Mohbbat mein barbaadi ki misaal jo bane aise hasti hai meri
Khwabghaon mein bin chirag-e-mohbaat k aise bhtakaa ki
Ek roshni ki kiran ko bas jaise aankhein tarasti hai meri

Satyamev Jayate – Toxic Food – Poison On Our Plate? | Aamir Khan | Episode 8

Satyamev Jayate – Toxic Food – Poison On Our Plate? | Aamir Khan | Episode 8.

Satyamev Jayate : Domestic Violence — Danger At Home | Episode 7

Satyamev Jayate : Domestic Violence — Danger At Home | Episode 7.

Shayari Networks: Top 10 simple tips for a healthier home

Shayari Networks: Top 10 simple tips for a healthier home.

Shayari Networks: Effective strategies to manage stress

Adding stress to our lives seems easy enough, getting rid of stress, how to get rid of stress, reduce stress, techniques to reduce stress

via Shayari Networks: Effective strategies to manage stress.

Effects of stress on the body

Stress – what it does to your body!

Stress is stressful not just for our minds but also for our bodies. We know some of the problems stress can accelerate, but it’s important to be aware of all of them. So here’s a comprehensive list of all the possible negative effects stress can have on us – phew! Brace yourself, the list runs long.

  • Bad for your immunity. Stress decreases your immunity and makes you prone to infections. When you are stressed out, your immune system becomes weak and hence you are prone to picking up an infection, which may not happen when your resistance is good. Common colds, the flu and even the progression from HIV positive to full-blown AIDS can be blamed on stress.
  • Makes you tired. Stress can make you fatigued and you may complain of various muscle pains. This is basically the body’s way of making you sit up and take notice. Your body is telling you to stop; pain is the language the body uses to get your attention to its sad state and clear up the mess.
  • Stress and ulcers. Ulcers in the oesophagus and stomach can be caused or exacerbated due to stress. This is because stress causes the release of hydrochloric acid from the stomach, which contributes to acidity and in the long run may cause peptic ulcers to form.
  • Stress headaches. Stress causes blood vessels in the head region to constrict and thereby leads to headaches. The most common type is the ‘tension headache‘ but stress can even trigger a migraine in those susceptible to it.
  • Lead to chronic illnesses. Chronic illnesses, like asthma, which causes narrowing of the air passages in the lungs and some skin conditions like eczema (extremely dry skin associated with itching) have been linked to stress.
  • Hormone imbalances. Stress affects the hormones in the body and a common effect is hyperthyroidism. In this condition the thyroid gland produces excess thyroid hormones, which lead to symptoms like palpitations, tremors and insomnia.
  • The rise of lifestyle diseases. Lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes mellitus and hypertension are all related to stress. To deal with stress you may reach out for unhealthy and high-calorie foods, which leads to obesity; stress affects insulin production by the pancreas which in turn controls blood sugar; and stress causes the blood pressure to go higher thus causing uncontrolled hypertension.
  • Bad for your sex life. A stressful lifestyle is definitely to blame for lack of desire for sex, erection problems and low sperm count, which may lead to infertility in the long run.
  • Not good for the heart. Stress may directly or indirectly contribute to heart ailments. Direct stress may be a cause for heart attacks while indirectly stress may cause heart failure and arrhythmias (irregular heart beats).
  • It even affects arthritis. Stress also plays a role in arthritis. Most people having arthritis will remember a stressful event that brought the ailment on or a stressful event at the time they were diagnosed.
  • Mouth sores. Stress is blamed for poor oral hygiene which in turn may cause dental plaque formation and gum disease. Mouth sores may also result from undue stress.
  • Stress and hair loss. Hair loss increases during stressful times. Male pattern balding or alopecia areata, as well as telogen effluvium — where multiple hair cells enter the resting phase and cause significant hair loss are both associated with stress.
  • Bad for your stomach. A stomach ache which comes on and off and interferes with the daily functioning of one’s life can be pinpointed to stress.
  • Keep you up at nights. Stress interferes with normal sleep patterns and may keep you tossing and turning in bed.  You may be unable to go to bed or may wake up earlier than normal because of the stress.
  • Stress and poor breathing. Stress hampers your breathing and, therefore, the amount of oxygen entering your body. Lack of oxygen to the brain leads to inability to concentrate and focus on mental tasks and productivity at work may suffer.

10 sure-shot give aways you’re not sleeping enough

Our fast paced lives are full of work and stress. Our metaphorical plates are overflowing with more things to do than we can imagine and then there’s the internet as an add-on (like the whipped cream on the coffee) that keeps people way longer than they should.
So are you sure you are getting enough rest to be a fresh new person every day? Read on to know if you need to grab the blanket, switch the lights off and get some dream-time.

1. Online at 3: So you get up in the middle of the night and check your phone. You see so many notifications that your eyes are wide open and you go online and start replying to mails, tweeting, updating statuses or pinning at odd hours. These are all good indications that you are losing your sleep.
2. Forever stressed: You can’t tolerate people, you shout at them. You are stressed and you have no idea when was the last time you felt happy. Maybe all you need is a nap.
3. Forget-me-yes: You keep on forgetting things. You walk into the same room thrice and go out without taking what you really wanted. Birthdays are forgotten. You are late for meetings and gosh, you don’t even remember what exactly you were doing!
4. Funny with food: You go crazy with the food. Either you keep on eating or you don’t feel like eating at all. You don’t understand when you are hungry and your relationship status with food is strictly complicated.

5. Weighty issues: You are gaining pounds and that muffin top is turning into a big wedding cake. It is shouting ‘sleep deprivation alert’. Listen to it, won’t you?
6. Infection attacks: You are sick of being sick. The door is wide open and infections are walking in one after the other. You are even out of sick leave at work! What you need is not another tablet; but regular sleep.
7. Dwelling in dilemma: “Tea or coffee”, “now or later”, “this or that”; these are the common question you keep asking yourself. You have lost your super powers of decision making and all these decisions, from tiny to the massive, have become a task.
8. Repeat telecast: You keep on repeating your actions without realizing. You don’t understand what exactly you are doing and life is playing in a loop. Break this loop with a little sleep.
9. Real life blur effect: The world looks photoshopped. It seems that the blur effect has been used at its best. Your eyes look devilishly red and people seem to be afraid of you.
10. Things have changed: Yes, your love life is not going well. You are having mood swings you cannot explain. Nothing is going right; every act has taken a left diversion.
If you are feeling these things, it is about time to switch your system off and hit the bed. You’ll probably wake up to find the world a much better place!

Love Aaj Kal (2009)

Love Aaj Kal (2009).

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